The Risk Management Experience, Just for You



Based in St Malo (Brittany, France), RISKEAL is a French firm dedicated to Risk Management, specialized in company risk control.
RISKEAL helps top management and organizations, whatever the business size and nature of activity, wherever location, to Identify, Understand and Control Risks.

Whether financial, strategic, organizational, legal, operational, economic, or compliance- or integrity-related, more than 1,000+ different risks threaten an organization in any single day and can compromise a company's sustainability and future.
RISKEAL supports you, covering your risks and making sure your business is fully under control and secured.
For a sustainable company, invest in your sustainability.
RISKEAL offers you a wide spectrum of activities: Audit/Consulting, Training & Risk Coaching.
Our main goal: help you control your risks, whatever they are.
Our vision: ensure your long term sustainability.
Our ambition for RISKEAL: remain risk management leaders.