Before The Crisis


Whatever the extent of your risk prevention policy, you and your company can be confronted, from one day to the next, with a real CRISIS. We all run the risk.
Managing a crisis is to be prepared in advance. Once triggered, the crisis must be controlled and managed as well as you and your company can.  In the end, experience of crisis management must be capitalized upon as a learning tool. If you don' learn from your experience, crises will reoccur.
RISKEAL proposes to support you and help your team prepare a crisis management plan in advance. Get ready for crisis control and ensure a positive issue in the event the crisis occurs.
Train you in crisis management: key roles and responsibilities
How to organize in advance operational actions and efficient crisis management scheduling
How to organize operational mechanisms, ensuring efficiency and crisis identification
We will support you in managing and controlling your crisis, whatever it is
We will help you make the right decision, at the right time, at the right place
We will share with you our best solutions to overcome the difficulties which will occur
Help in structuring your company to avoid any redundant situation that may appear
Assist in analyzing post crisis impacts and the experience to be leveraged and capitalized upon
Contribute to implementing preventive solutions– Continuity Plan definition and implementation