RISKEAL experts help Business Leaders by Company Coaching.

What is a Company Coaching ?

How to solve a specific problematic your business may face, in a very concrete manner. For instance :


  • Cash Flow increase

  • Turnover growth

  • Margin increase

  • Sales Force Effectiveness burst

  • Etc…



Our experts will define with you your key priorities. Through coaching sessions, we will find the best way to solve your very operational issues, whatever there are. RISKEAL experts will bring aboard your own business crucial Experience, deep dive business understanding and high level vision down to bottom actions to be done.

Start working on your Company with our Company Coach, stop working only within your company.


Business Leaders, you’re not alone anymore. Contact us and be supported by a former CEO, COO or CRO on a part time basis. He will help you “think out of the box” and solve your operational issues.


No FTE. Only Serenity.