Hundreds of risks threaten every company on any given day.

Whether strategic, financial, operational, legal, HR, IT, or compliance-or-Integrity related, Risks can deeply impact your serenity. From one day to the next.

Entrepreneurs, small medium size organizations, larger groups, both national and international… Banks, energy leaders, Insurance companies, outsourcing companies… Every corporation, every business profile is concerned and can be potentially seriously damaged.

You are concerned by and exposed to risks. Inevitably.


Increasing rapidly due to our current economic situation (economic crisis, margins decrease, refinancing issues…), your risk costs must be reduced... to zero if possible.

Do you know your Risk Costs ? Have you ever identified your main risks and the costs related to them, beyond standard liquidity issues, HR risk management and/or any related EHS issue ?

RISKEAL will provide you with the support you need to better Identify, Understand and Control your own business risks.

For a Safe and Sustainable Company / Project, a responsible and committed approach dedicated to risk related issues is a critical key step to be taken and understood. Contact RISKEAL. We will help you, support you and reduce effectively your risks costs. Whatever they may be.

Convert your risk costs into a positive, valued added opportunity , by defining and implementing a true dedicated Risk Policy within your Company.

With RISKEAL, Control Your Risks.